Polygamy Rights NETWORK ™

"Polygamy Rights is the next civil rights battle"
    - Mark Henkel, The National Polygamy Advocate

When doing e-commerce with any polygamy web-site, you need a way to know when a site is really "supporting polygamy rights." Some web-site might lie to you and say they are supporting polygamy rights, but all they are really doing is trying to make money off of you. Honest capitalism is fine. But do not let yourself be deceived by any dishonest profiteering. If you want truly support polygamy rights, then we show you where you can do that online.

PolygamyRights.NET is your way to verify which sites are really and truthfully financailly supporting the fight for polygamy rights. If any site is not on this list here, then it is not supporting polygamy rights at this time. If any web-site is not listed here, then it is not recognized by the real community of proven polygamy rights supporters. (This list may be updated as time goes forward.)